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Founder & Owner Lee Xuan
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Meet Lee Xuan, the founder and owner of Le Berries, a Chartered Accountant turned master baker. Her passion for baking led her to self-teach unique recipes using natural, fresh, and premium ingredients.

At Le Berries, each cake flavor has a distinct signature, with the famous Pandan Cake dedicated to her mother, a pandan lover. Lee Xuan's heartfelt gratitude goes to her family for their unwavering support, making Le Berries a delightful blend of love, family, and delectable treats.

Witness a journey that unfolds from home baking to three outlets. Yet, it's more than expansion—it's the shift from individual effort to united triumph as a harmonious team.

Our Story Starts Here

Le Berries began modestly in 2015 as a locally owned home bakery operated by the sole proprietor, Lee Xuan.

Dive into her portfolio, a narrative that encapsulates a remarkable transformation spanning the years 2015 to 2018.

Beginning as a full-time auditor with a side passion for baking, she evolved into a dedicated full-time home-based baker.

A humble beginning

Japanese light cheesecake made an appearance as the first cake on Le Berries' menu.


Pandan cake which was specially made by Lee Xuan for her mother, has now become one of Le Berries' signature cakes. The Pandan flavour for the cake is entirely from the natural real Pandan leaves.


During this time, she crafted a range of delightful treats that left a lasting impression.

From the indulgent Valrhona Chocolate Cake to the velvety Baked Cheesecake, the timeless Black Forest Cake, and the zesty Lemon Poppy Seed creation.

Each confection tells a story of passion and flavor.

Le Berries Bundusan
Opening Of First Branch

With unwavering customers' supports, we've transitioned from operating at home for four years to proudly opening our inaugural branch at Bundusan in year 2019.


Since our inception, the Earl Grey Cake and Fraisier Cake have been part of our menu, delighting customers with their timeless appeal.

Earl Grey cake flavourful yet a simple cake and this is due to the supreme Earl Grey tea that we imported from the USA.

Coconut Pandan

Our refined version of Pandan Cake which is the Coconut Pandan, is another signature of ours that was initially made for Lee Xuan's father.

This cake features a Pandan-infused chiffon sponge cake frosted with coconut fresh cream and a hint of fresh coconut meat in between the cakes.

Chinese new year

Introducing our delectable Crispy Cookies, a highlight of early 2020.

These treats were elegantly packaged in a cookie tin, making them the perfect Chinese New Year gift.

First in kota kinabalu
Love Bird

We stepped up our game for this year’s Valentine’s Day. We are honoured to be Kota Kinabalu's first bakery to incorporated bird nests in cakes.

Our Love Birds cake is made with freshly boiled bird nest by Kong Yan Birdnest and a rose-honey-infused sponge cake with rose Chantilly fresh cream.

Le Berries x Florina
Pop Up Cafe

In conjunction with Florina's freshly renovated studio, we were invited to serve our cakes at the event, along with Crack Inc, who was also partaking to market their coffee. This event has helped us promote our cakes and garner more public attention.

Strawberry Cheese

Savor our Strawberry Cheesecake, a cake suggested and inspired by our close friend Ms. Betty, our Strawberry Cheese cake will astonish you with its richness from the cheese, which is then balanced with the sweetness from fresh strawberries.

Featuring a delicate vanilla sponge, velvety cream cheese fresh cream, shredded cheddar cheese, and the fresh strawberries.


The introduction of our Tiramisu cake coincided with Father's Day in 2020. Coffee and layers of mascarpone cheese make up our Tiramisu, which is completed with a generous sprinkling of Valrhona pure cocoa powder.

What constitutes this additional credit is that our Tiramisu is devoid of raw eggs and alcohol, which means you can now enjoy them without any doubt.

Chamomile Honey

As the name suggests, the Chamomile Honey cake contains a hint of chamomile, imparting a fragrant floral flavor. Another integral element of this cake is our premium honey from Forever Living.

The blend of these two ingredients is what makes Chamomile Honey ideal for leisurely day accompanied by a cup of tea.

Melon Cake

A Sabah sensation: our pioneering melon-incased cake, a first in the region.Cake crafted for seasonal supply to Japanese chef, Mr. Makoto, featuring melon as a star ingredient.

This cake is a delightful surprise. Concealed within a whole melon, the moment of wonder arrives when you slice through it to reveal a treasure trove of vanilla sponge and arranged seasonal fruits. A true masterpiece of taste and presentation.

Golden Melon

With great excitement, we unveil our Golden Melon Cake, locally sourcedgolden melon from MyMelon Sabah, a tribute to the 2021 Chinese New Year.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for choosing our Melon Cake as a special gift. Experience the cake nestled within a melon, a unique and delightful presentation.

Orange Yuzu

Our signature Orange Yuzu cake provides a revitalizing experience by incorporating Japanese yuzu, which differs significantly from its Korean counterpart.

This cake harmonizes a light, orange-infused sponge with the lively notes of zesty Yuzu fresh cream and smooth vanilla fresh cream.

Le Berries Gaya Street
Opening Of Second Branch

Once again, the launch of our second branch demonstrates an unending and tremendous

support from our devoted customers, friends and family who has made our dreams a reality. Our second location is located in Gaya Street, in the heart of Kota Kinabalu. We had the pleasure of partnering with MizuMizu coffee for a delightful year at Le berries Gaya Street, creating a truly wonderful collaboration.

Golden CNY Pineapple (Golden Pine)

We are once again happy to be the first bakery that produces one-of-a-kind cakes, this time for Chinese New Year is our Golden Pine. The Pineapple is made with only premium ingredients and chosen Keningau Diamond Pineapples. The cake is encased in a full pineapple and is made of pineapple-flavored sponge cake and covered with pineapple-flavored cream, with fresh fruit sandwiched between.

Pelita Raya Cake Set

To celebrate Hari Raya, we created a Pelita Raya Cake set for our clients to make them feel at home. This bundle includes three flavours: our classic Pandan cake, Valrhona Chocolate cake, and the new flavour of this Salted Caramel Corn Cake, concept just like eating Caramel Popcorn.

Le Berries Kolombong
Opening Of Third Branch

Elevating our presence, Le Berries Kolombong, our latest venture, blossomed in May this year. Gracing the landscape with two spacious floors, it beckons both guests and passersby to savor its offerings.

With an enhanced capacity, it's primed to welcome more patrons and provide ample seating. Moreover, this branch boasts an expanded menu, going beyond the ordinary to include delectable hot food options.

Join us at this haven of flavors, where every corner resonates with our commitment to a gratifying culinary journey.

Honey Mahjong

In celebration of the 2023 Chinese New Year, we proudly unveil the Honey Mahjong Creativity Cake. This delectable treat pays homage to the tile-based game's rich history while introducing a new level of flavor.

Enjoy the moist, fluffy texture infused with the sweet aroma of honey sourced from Forever Living, and admire its unique design inspired by the game.

This cake is our delightful way of welcoming the new year with a blend of taste and tradition.

Classic Ondeh

Introducing the latest addition to our delightful pandan series: the Classic Ondeh cake.

This exquisite creation features layers of soft pandan sponge cake enveloping rich Gula Melaka cream. Elevating its allure are unique elements such as Gula Melaka Jelly that adds a burst of flavor and a delightful textural contrast, accompanied by the subtle crunch of shredded coconut.

This creation, unveiled exclusively for the 2023 Raya celebration, pays homage to the time-honored Ondeh-Ondeh dessert, reimagined with a delectable twist.

Coconut Pandan Coffee

The Coconut Pandan Coffee, crafted by our talented barista, Terence, this drink draws inspiration from our beloved Coconut Pandan cake.

Transformed into a delightful beverage, it offers the option to be enjoyed with or without coffee.

Terence skillfully blends fresh pandan essence and creamy milk, creating a refreshing base. Topping off this masterpiece is a dollop of freshly whipped coconut cream, enhancing the drink's velvety texture. A harmonious fusion of flavors, this creation is a testament to our commitment to crafting exceptional experiences for your palate.

Your Safety Is Our Priority

Your safety is our priority. Adhering to MOH guidelines, our entire team undergoes essential food safety training.

This ensures that our cake preparation is not only exquisite but also compliant with strict hygiene and safety standards.

We wear hairnets, gloves, and aprons, and upon entering our central kitchen, we switch to dedicated kitchen shoes. These steps reflect our dedication to your well-being and the excellence we bring to every creation.

Maintaining utmost cleanliness is our pledge. In our kitchen, we employ a Commercial dishwasher and uphold a consistent daily cleaning regimen. Beyond that, we dedicate time weekly and monthly for deep cleaning routines. Your well-being is paramount, and this commitment reflects our dedication to ensuring a spotless environment where we craft our creations.

Regular training sessions are conducted to keep everyone updated on procedures and enhance their skills, ensuring they contribute even more value. It's part of our dedication to both excellence and the continuous development of our team.